day 22: play, patience and flower surprises

Today I am grateful for a funny game that my friend Michelle started on her FB page. It is a take off of the normal “tell me how you met me as a reply to this post”… instead, it asks you to lie about how you first met someone. It turned into  a funny and playful writing game – and I love that. It was quite interesting actually to see how it all played out, and I am currently re-writing a part of my history that never existed in the first place. It’s just awesome. It actually is quite a coincidence because yesterday afternoon the question was asked – are you willing to give up your story? A question that really has gotten me thinking (most of the night and well into today). This playful retelling of how I have met people is tied into that in such a beautiful way, that it has (and will) inspire more stories. I love that.

I am grateful for dreams for the same reason – because of the inspiration that they have given to me in the past for stories that I have written – and also for the subtle insight they can sometimes give as well. Mostly I am just happy to be dreaming again.

I am grateful for patience – I have been a bit short of it lately and I am getting good reminders that it’s time to remember just what patience is all about.

Finally, I am grateful for gifts of flowers, the unexpected and kind gestures of people who continue to take me by surprise this week. Yesterday a woman came into my office – I met her at the art show a couple of weeks ago. We had been chatting about art and framing and she mentioned that she had two silk paintings that her cats had knocked over and broken the glass frame. I offered to frame them in the new frames she had bought, which I did. When she came to pick them up the day before – I wouldn’t take her money. It didn’t cost me anything to frame them – and I just wanted to help her. So yesterday she arrived with a beautiful amaryllis in full bloom. It’s really beautiful. A thank you. It was incredibly sweet of her to think to do that – and totally unnecessary… but I am happy to watch it bloom in the window.
I am grateful for:
1. Imagination and play
2. Dreams
3. Patience when I have none
4. unexpected gifts of flowers


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