day 27: learning to count among other things


Well, I somehow managed to skip a day but I caught it. I was wondering why suddenly there were two days left until the eve of my birthday – when there are 3 according to the calendar in front of me. I will admit, simple math foils me sometimes. Actually, it is more that the days have been blending together this month and I have been having a hard time keeping track from one day to the next. Regardless, these last three days will count just as much as the rest of the month has….


I am grateful for waking up at 3am with an idea for a new story and that I woke up again and it was still with me.

I am grateful for the frozen snow flakes on my car window.

I am grateful for stories that move me to tears and remind me there is good in this world.

I am grateful for the dark days because the sun today seems much brighter.



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