{imagine.create.become} day 6



You must not come lightly to the blank page. – Stephen King


We are surrounded by blank pages. I certainly am. I have a small collection of mirrors that I keep on the wall in my basement and one that hangs in my garden outside. I also have a large empty picture frame that hangs on the wall in the hallway upstairs. I have had the mirrors and frame for close to fifteen years. There are two reasons I have kept them all this time…. The empty frame reminds me of the blank page and the mirrors remind me to look at the world from different angles. Perspective can be a wonderful source of inspiration. I have never taken formal art classes (though sincerely wish I had) other than in high school … but one lesson I learned in that class (somewhere around grade 10) was to look at negative space when drawing. The space around an object is as important as the object itself. That has always stuck with me… and it is that negative space that inspires me today.


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