{imagine.create.become} day 8

I have been feeling kind of off and fluish for the past week and while I have been trying to listen to the nagging voice in my head and slow down… I still have managed to do some sorting of old files in the past couple of days while I was feeling marginally better. I have a red box (which I nicknamed Dorothy years ago… it’s a long story) that I keep scraps of paper in that I have written notes down on. Every once in awhile, I have the hankering to go through the box and sort out the notes. This time, in doing so – aside from finding old poetry, I also found a file on some writing prompts/ exercises that I wrote in 2002 (borrowed from somewhere probably, but I have no recollection where exactly).

I thought I would share them because I thought they were interesting little prompts to get the creative writing juices flowing…. I wrote no instructions with the list… quite honestly I don’t remember why I wrote this, but I think that I just meant for myself to write down each as a separate writing piece and in no particular order. And now to apply my adopted philosophy of writing whatever comes up, no judging or editing, just to see where the writing goes…  I think I may have to try this again tonight if I am feeling up for it.

The list:

  • Listener: I am a listener when no one else will take the time to listen.
  • Dreamer: I am a dreamer who will get lost in those dreams.
  • Full of Expectations: I am full of expectations of who I am, who I think people want me to be and who I think people are.
  • Selfish: I am selfish sometimes and need to be the center of attention, especially when I am feeling bad.
  • Undecided: I cannot take decisions easily, the future is so uncertain and it leaves me undecided about what is best to do right now.
  • Finding my way: I am finding my way, every moment, every day, my own way.
  • Rainwater: Rain water gathers in the lowest places and I am like that puddle of rain, collecting drops, each one different and always changing.
  • Lotus waiting to bloom: like a lotus waiting to bloom in a quiet pond, I am waiting too to know who I truly am.
  • Tiger: The tiger in me is ferocious and strong when it needs to be, quiet now waiting. This is me.
  • Sleeping: There are days when even while awake I am sleeping still; my mind is confused and upset and I cannot wake up.
  • Opened: I am waiting, bit by bit, to become opened.
  • Mother/ Father/ Parent: being a mother makes me whole.
  • Child: I am a child and it makes me grow
  • Fearful: I am fearful when I am feeling alone in darkness.
  • Wounded: I have been wounded by myself, my own closed mind and long to be more open and forgiving so I can heal.
  • Full of Love: I am full of love and my love is full.
  • Invisible: I feel invisible to the people around me sometimes.
  • Alone: I feel alone and enjoy being alone. I am a walking contradiction.
  • Quiet: I am too quiet sometimes and don’t make myself heard or understood well enough.
  • Still: In deep night I am still. It is the only time I can be, when the rest are fast asleep.



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