{imagine.create.become} day 18


It may just be a unconscious reaction to all of the green worn yesterday, but today, almost everyone was wearing red at work, including me. Red, as a result, has been my inspiration today. Actually it is most days because it is my favorite colour… one of many favorites. The colour red, for me is happiness. That is what I have always associated it with. Being happy. Making those kinds of mental connections to colour makes me think about how useful it is to do that. We are conditioned in so many ways, on so many levels to make these kind of connections. My daughters have both played games in school that encourage stronger mental conditioning to make links. It’s been proven in a number of different studies that these connections/ conditions also improve memory…. however, I am questioning today, whether it is a good thing or not. Maybe yes, maybe no… or at least there are limits. It’s useful to have a good memory for school, work, putting your pants on every day… but what happens if you come to rely on those connections too much? When I do, that’s when I start having mental lapses. It happens – sometimes when I am talking to someone, sometimes when I am writing. I will write or say one thing, and something else will come out. It makes me laugh when it happens. I sometimes don’t catch the lapses for awhile – which makes it even funnier. Now, as I am sitting here contemplating connections and what it has to do with the colour red… I am making a list of the things that red makes me think of… which also makes me think of the song “Doesn’t Remind Me” by Audioslave. And now I am reminded of something else – a ‘condition’ called synethesia… which is when someone assigns personalities to numbers, and likely colours as well. Anyway, I digress.

Red, this morning, had nothing to do with my mental lapses or leaps. It was  just the colour that inspired me when I woke up to wear it. It made me smile when I walked into work and saw an unplanned sea of red. There were a lot of dressed like twins jokes floating around. I will say though, I think I am a slave to connections and even more so to patterns. Red for happiness, for love, for the heart, for beauty, for strength, for stability, for fire…. for many other things. Thank you Red for what you do for my brain. You sweet inspiring little champion you. 😉



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