{imagine.create.become} day 22, 23, 24

…. pay it forward

I took an unscheduled break over the past three days to work on the Pay It Forward project that I started in January. I am almost completely finished the 11 gifts that I made for people who ‘signed up’ for it. The inspiration for these past three days has been solidly sitting with the concept of doing something kind for someone else, without a thought of getting anything in return, and with each of these 11 people themselves as I created something special for each individual.

It has been a lot of fun to sit with each person and pairing them with a piece of artwork, knitting, jewelry, photography or poetry that might be something that they like. Oh, and by sit, I mean, I sit and meditate/ contemplate what it is they might like, based on what I know of them. I have enjoyed the entire process. Each person has inspired me. That’s my gift to myself.

I can’t help but think now to how something seemingly innocuous as a status someone posted on Facebook (and it’s also happened to me on Twitter as well, or other places – brief sparks) can inspire something much bigger in a person. Creating something by hand for someone else, whatever that might be – can not only make that person’s day brighter, but your own as well. I haven’t even given the gifts yet and I am feeling happier having completed them. It’s simple. Kindness doesn’t have to be complicated.

This is just a glimpse of some of the gifts… a tease really. The project really was so much fun, I might consider doing it again sometime in the future. Once everyone has received their gift, I will post proper photos of each one just for fun.


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