Tuesday morning drive




Tuesday morning drive
Looking for the moon
Sun rises over open fields
Remember the trees and winding roads
A blur as I pass by
Traffic slows in the city
Buildings replace the fields and trees
Sidewalks and light stands
One lane branches to four
And I keep driving



I walked down empty corridors
And abandoned hallways
Out of fear
I traced the lines
Of closed doors
With my fingertips,
Out of fear I stepped
Into the sunlight to watch
Fairy dust fall over
Pines bowing low
Covered pathways winding
Through roots and stones
Out of fear I breathed
Fresh lake air
Slipped my toes into
The cool sandy shore
And lived for the first time
In a perfect moment
Out of fear I sang
With sparrows sitting
Among the flowers
And danced with the fireflies
Holding your hand
While the moon rose
Over the trees
Out of fear
I am me.



lake still breathes
heart beat
in the distance
nightsong wind
through the waves
to low branches
and past moss covered stones



Tuesday dressed in Monday’s clothes
wrinkled and worn from the holiday
I miss the curve of your arm
linked through mine
your laughter and soft voice
low against my neck as you hug me
hours drag their heels
reluctant companions
and I push papers across
the melamine in faint hope
some movement will mean
a faster clock
Tuesday, you are unkind
in your falseness
just let me go
I plead in the weakest fashion
through bleary tired eyes
still hoping the day’s end
comes sooner rather than later



sorting life
handful of pebbles
found in the sand
forgotten fossils
chrystal shards in granite
treasures for the return



light turns around the garden
slow moving lines
I am in shadows and sunshine



Spider silk and dewdrops
On Sunday morning
Walking down paths
Hushed by rising sun
I wander
Heartlines etch shadows
Along the water’s edge
Wildflowers tiptoe
Around smoothed stones
I listen
I find myself in the scattered song
Of rushing water and sparrows
In the swirls of your palm
Holding my hand
In the petals of lotus drifting
I breathe



We are all the same red inside
across the sea of faces
We are, yes we are

My heart beats
in the chest of another
Fingers fly across
looking for the keys
To unlock the soul

What can I tell you
That your feet don’t already know
From walking along the worn dirt paths
Through the mango groves

And fields where the baobob sing
We are all the same red inside

The husk of shells float on warm winds
Leaving the seeds cradled on cloth

I remember the sprout and harvest
The sunshine, the rain
The hoe and rake

I remember
The long walk home
To sit by the fire
And watch the stars come out
In the violet night sky

We are all the same red inside
Working the grow through the mud
Towards the light and better life

We are stronger in knowing
We are together in living
We are one in loving.
We are all the same red inside

Under the wide starry sky
In the deep rich field soil
In the planted seed
Under the warm summer sun

We are all the same.



Edges split and worn
Torn, tipped balance
In the center of my palm
Hope falls like stars in August
Disappearing in the shadows
Words stick to the humid air
Lost and unused
Throwing faith out
Into the universe
Like a handful of pebbles into the lake
I listen.



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