will you remember me when I’m gone?




Will you remember me when I’m gone?
Lines repeated in the shadows
and night alleys of my head
Music turns note by note
My finger can move fast enough
Pen to paper, black to white
Writing what I can’t write

Mist from the river left
the meadow silver in its wake
Parts of me fell behind
Like footprints of deer
In the early morning sun
The sky turned light
Stars fell away
Will you miss me when I’m gone
And you are still making your way?

We walk down different roads
Forests, fields and in between
I am looking at where I’m going
I am looking at where I’ve been

Will you miss me in the moonlight
Or in the trail of a passing firefly?
The heart hopes but I don’t think so
I am just a ripple far past your shore.

In the end there will be stillness
In the end there will be joy
In the end I will walk alone
On my way back home.

I hope you will remember me
In the cool autumn breeze
In the sweet sparrow call
In the water’s winding ease

Will you remember me
When I am gone?
Remember me


lei fraser

Published by Leigh-Anne Fraser

writer, poet, photographer, artist, illustrator, knitter,friend and fine pancake flipper

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