I am the silence in between

july 2015 206

I am the silence in between

The torn sky after the storm

Clouds and sunshine peeking through

I am the calling after a hundred years

Wandering in the mountain folds

Where earth bleeds to grow wildflowers

I am the mother

Guarding wings until they are dried

From the tears of living

Flight comes in that moment of knowing

I am the left behind

The problem solver, the singer of songs waiting

Mender of broken cups and threads

I heard the path calling, the no and the wall

And yet I gave compassion a patch of fertile ground

To grow

Some are too far gone to care

Their trees barren and unforgiving

They can rot in a dying town

Two roads met and I took to the trees

To find the light

A hawk flew down over me today

So close he could have landed

Today part of my flew with him

Tomorrow more will go

Until all that will be left

Is a heartbeat

Before dawn breaks

~ August 1 2015


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