On the turn table,
Once around.
Needle to the groove
To free the music trapped
In black vinyl
What if instead
I slipped under the arm
Let the needle play
In the folds and curved mountains
What would you hear?
Would you hear what I do?

A thousand tiny disasters
Shut my mouth tight
For days, months, years
Today let it play
This messed up,
turnabout song
That I am in such a rush
To end
So that the next song
Can play a little louder

Let the needle wander
To the center
To where the hole
Meets the song’s end
Vinyl death
Silence sits with me
Toe tapping and grinning
Like an idiot

Just let it turn
Let it ride over the Scars
Missing pieces
Old dried up tears
Broken dreams
Stolen voices
Ragged body
Up to the joy
You keep hiding

Let it ride
Silence says
In that annoying
Smug way
She is a smart ass
And I love her

I am the groove
The space between
This breath and the next
The music and the pause
And here
Is where I began
Gave birth to possibility
And watched it grow
Through the limbs of my offspring
One revolution
One turn
To face the music
Inside of me

la fraser


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