Any Ordinary Day {2009}

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I started putting together a project seven years ago called 365 Ordinary Days.. it was the lead up to a book project that I did for my kids in 2012 called Any Ordinary Day. The main goal of both projects was to find a way to illustrate the beauty that I see around me every day. It doesn’t matter what the day is, what is going on in my life or around me… I have always looked for and found beauty. I wanted to be able to share that with my kids, and certainly anyone else who wanted to see.

Recently I have been going through old photo files, in a half-assed attempt to organize and archive properly and I rediscovered both projects. I may start them again, with some more recent work, or I may actually finish the 2009 project… I haven’t decided.

To have a look at the work in progress and both projects, follow the links 🙂

the original project:

the book:




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