not me – climbing inside

Not Me – Climbing Inside.20 minutes free fall ‘It’s dark in here’ Christine said. Her voice was small and plaintive. Christine reached blindly for the door, but couldn’t figure out which way she was facing. Sound did nothing in the small closet. Her voice did not carry very far. It was like talking into aContinue reading “not me – climbing inside”

that the days pass…

that the days pass….and I wondera thousand wondering thoughtsrising up withinthrough the dustof my minddemanding to be heardas though for the first timeagain and againan example – uncovered ina picture frame turned face downin a wooden boxwhat of me is wrongthat you would leaveleave everything behindeveryoneI blamed the wind for blowingand you for followingand everyContinue reading “that the days pass…”


World expandingContractingNight containedWithin a glass bottleFormed of nothingShaped by clarityLife – life the stopperThat keepsEverything from spillingOutward Silent witnessAs the sky ripsItself openOn the sharp edgeOf light and air Where in this sudden illuminationAm i? Paper boats float downSwift watersRising higher with tropical rainsPushed under and brokenYet some, one remain aboveRiding the curious unknownCurrent CloseContinue reading “sleepless”