breaking the sky

i lay downmy bodyon this bare pieceof earthbreathe inthe scent of grass heavy with dewlife bordersborders wherethe passing made historywith each footstep skin presseddowni watchthrough open fingersabove my prone self palms to the wide black domesupplicantturn my hands overandoverNightto break the skyuntil the starsfall endlesslythrough the spacebetweenme and eternity another turnmore stars fallcaught in theContinue reading “breaking the sky”

here is your silence

here is your silencein this roomlaid out across the tablesin soft golden tones of candlelightin the pages of closed booksresting now in pilesby my bare feet here is your silencewrapped like the amethyst beadsaround my wristthis pulse that we all shareshortening the distancebetween us here is your silencein this quiet placeof my heartthe night foldedContinue reading “here is your silence”

night jasmine

Night jasmine lingersOn bare armsShoulders golden from afternoon sunAs I lay my head downLulled by fountain songsHere along the pathwaysLit by tiny fairy lights Vines creeping in a curtain of greenEmbrace this tableWhere candles sit like jewelsIn the darkening eveningOnly the shadows knowThe leaping joy of my soulAs the mourning doves cooTheir sweet and lonelyContinue reading “night jasmine”