To Weird Hollywood Poetry

How is it
I have watched you through
The polished shop window
Hanging just so off of the mannequin
And ever dared to introduce myself
Many times, I saw my reflection
Walking by
As the sunlight danced off the smooth surface
But recently, I found myself
Standing for a long time watching
(the window not my reflection)
Thinking about the possibility
Of trying you on …
After much back and forth
I gave in to the quiet little voice shouting
“Ah yes! Try try try old girl just try”
Before I could be corralled by doubt again,
I toddled in
Crammed myself into the change room
Shoved both feet inside
Tried to haul you up
Over my broad hips…
And wouldn’t you know
The little voice piped up, triumphant
“Fits like a second skin”
– even my toes are happy
(will need something to hide the obscene rolls
And don’t think I did not notice that
The boning in the bodice will poke through
With time, to jab me in the ribs
When I move in the wrong direction)
Now I will have to try to learn to walk
With you wrapped around me
Following the wise words and advice
Of those who know you well already,
I humbly follow (trying not to pull at the hem)
As you lead me with your voice
As you guide me with your vision
You weird and lovely Hollywood poetry
Here is to you.



lei fraser


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