Down to the river’s edge

Down to the river’s edge
I walk, to sit and watch the water flowing by
Restless, I follow the winding bank,
Over rough rock and smooth stones,
To finally stand barefoot in the sand,
Where the water is quieter, and the song of the birds can be heard
Ankle deep in the water, I stand, feeling the current
Drawing me in…
The water holds me, in a moment’s deep breath
As I slip under the surface to swim with the fish
Iridescent blue green aquatic jewels
Flow past me, flow with me
I rise to the surface, and turn my face towards the sun
It warms me as I float,
Along the banks on either side, I see people working and playing,
Children laughing and splashing in the shallow water, as I pass unseen
Then the river narrows,
Willows on either side bend their branches low to drink the sweet essence
As I move through, their leaves brush my skin, and get tangled in my hair
In this cool calm water, I rest
The stillness wraps around me as I share this moment with
The silent great blue heron who stands waiting for a meal
To swim around his legs…
Sudden splash, like lightning he strikes and eats
The wind rises off the water to move me on
Passed the trees, to faster water
The sun warms me again,
As I tumble in the strong current
The river prepares itself to merge with the great ocean
Somewhere beyond the horizon
While I simply am carried on
In the river’s arms
In the distance I hear
Quiet laughter


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