emotional fractals – alone

Shh… you are being too loud Alone. Sitting there, hiding in the corner, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be loved, waiting to be welcomed. I know you can see me across the room. I am the one laughing, surrounded by the longer, more sour faces. I am waiting too. I am waiting for you. I am going to keep poking you will my funny stick – to show you that you are not as alone as you think you are. It only feels that way because Scared and Chagrined have corned you, built a kind of wall that keeps you from seeing me. I am jumping like an excited little puppy, up and down, up and down, up and down – my ears are flying and I know you can just see my smiling face over the top.

Come on sweetie, lets go. I want to guerrilla knit a furry pink sweater for a giant elephant. I want to run with you through the sand into the ice cold blue water of the lake. I want to lie in the tall grasses in the field with you and laugh at the Zombie tree.

What do you say? Don’t be vexed. Be silly, like me. Be Inspired. I know that we can go far together, you and I. Let’s go!


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