10 reasons why I write

This afternoon, someone posted a very interesting list on the Diving Deeper workshop board: “10 reasons why I write”. I have no idea where the list emerged from, and it doesn’t matter. The concept of the list made me think about the reasons why I write. I don’t know that I have ever outright questions why I write, let alone made a list. I wasn’t sure that I could come up with just 10 but I did….

10 reasons why I write:


1. I must. If you have never been woken up at 3 am by a poem or story demanding to be written, it might be hard to understand. I have. I know better than to ignore.

2. I want to remember.

3. The monkeys are busy.

4. Idle hands…

5. I can’t juggle

6. One day maybe I won’t have a story to tell. I write now because I do.

7. Writing is like throwing a stone into a still pond, and I never know where the ripples will touch.

8. I am in love with how a brand new notebook feels in my hands

9. I have no wings – writing is as close to flying as I can get

10. …..sometimes all there is left to do is just write.



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