Unsent Letters – Twelve Days of Christmas – IX


In a cube there are nine planes of symmetry. Two sets of planes meet each other within the folds and turns to form the box that we put ourselves in. Break the box, I am hearing today. Break the line, move to the opposite side and break through again and again.

I dreamed again last night about the door.

A voice asked me if I was the door. I replied, “Am I the door? Yes I am the door.” Over and over I repeated in the dream “I am the door”. I woke up with those words in my head.

I am the door.

Walk through.

On the ninth day, my gift to you is a little red box that contains everything that I am, everything that I have been, everything that I will be. Today I am letting go of this box – what I have guarded carefully all these years. Breaking free of the box, anything is possible. Instead of a box, I am the door. A screen door in summertime. An open door to any room in my house. A door that leads inside and outside. A door that leads everywhere.

I am the door.

Walk through.

And again.


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