Unsent Letters – Twelve Days of Christmas – X


All day today I have been thinking about what I would write to you. What words could I possibly put in this paper for you to read. The paper reminds with each turn of my pen, when my fingers graze its rough face, that there is a distance between us, physical, real that cannot bridged right in this moment. The distance between us otherwise is much less though, and I have only to close my eyes to feel you here with me.

Not even sunshine this afternoon is enough to quiet the search for what to say. It isn’t that there is nothing to say – no lack of sentiment, feelings, wants or desires to let you know that I am here, and thinking to you with every moment. There is much to say – too much perhaps and that is why I find myself falling back into silence.

What ten things would I tell you right now?

1.    I miss you.
2.    The sunshine isn’t as bright without you here.
3.    Your friendship is a treasure to me as is your love
4.    Whether it is under the sun, or moon or clouds I will always look up and feel comforted that we are standing together under the same sky
5.    You make me smile
6.    In the quietest moments of my day, I think to you and I feel less alone
7.    You are a touchstone to my life.
8.    In the most chaotic moments of my day, I think to you and I feel still
9.    Who I am today is because of knowing you.
10.    I love you.

However our paths wind and turn through our lives – I am blessed that your path has crossed mine. I cannot imagine you not being part of my life – it would be like the stars never knowing the moon, or the trees never knowing the wind, or the sand never knowing the sun. Thank you for all that you have given me.



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