garden verse in early September

Pausing to breathe
In the lush green morning
I take up my usual place
Tucked into the folds of branches and leaves
Listening to the song of sparrows
Each note mirrored in my soul
Wings unfolded, the source of breeze overhead
To quench the thirst in the fountains
Their call to each other dots the morning
And leaves me longing to know their conversations
The dappled morning sunshine
Trails leaf shadows over my skin
And along the curves of the garden paths
Where the stones, in low tones
Tell secrets to the trees
As the silent witness, I lay back
To hear with my whole body
What the day will bring


Leigh-Anne Tyson

In the shadows of the day
The evening light reminds me
There is no waiting for the day
The death of patience lost
On the unknowing curls of leaves
I have felt the rich, honeyed sun
Against my face, upturned
As the day stretched on in lazy moments
And I wandered through the past
The remnants linger slowly fading
Now with the mist of winter coming
They turn up from me and away
Not with broken wings or bitterness
Not even anger to sour my smile
My feet I find are there to stand
When I thought I could only fall
I wish you could see
I wish you could see
See where this life is going
But I can wait no longer
for your eyes, sweet one
To light on this self
I kiss you lightly
As this moment floats by
Good bye my love
Good bye

Leigh-Anne Tyson

The fading sunlight brings me
The fading sunlight brings
A different kind of life
To the garden here
Where the fountains hum
With the evening birds
And the trees keep the harmony
My soul echoes their song
I am their wing and they are mine
Flying in the dying day to touch
The delicate water’s edge
Stream flows over the stones
My whole, and landing together
In the pond below, I know
Stillness and totality
The fading light reminds me
In each corner here
In the curl of water, the shadow of leaves
And quiet folds of the garden
Everything lives through my eyes, my ears
My body, my soul
And but for grace
Does my heart know this joy
The joy of living

Leigh-Anne Tyson

Abundance between the stones
In this September garden
Full blooms drunk on honey’d sun
Lean down low towards the path
Quiet stones as I pass, barefoot
Careful not to disturb their well-earned slumber
Hibiscus have unfurled their petals
To trumpet the last warm days
Before thoughts to other things
More serious and withdrawn
The golden finches and mourning doves
Chatter to each other
I listen remembering, it was the sparrows
And their brother song yesterday
Who drew me into reverie
While the floral neighbourhood slumbers
Grace keeps a watchful eye
I sit, deeply grateful once again
For these moments living in bliss
The defiant green moss growing in hidden crevices
Far more deserving of my attention
Than the words, hurled like swords through me
Here, the madness of the summer fades
Leaving me here – to sit in love
With my fingertips trailing in the stone pond
My heart full like the blooms

Leigh-Anne Tyson


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