Poetry Sunday

Poetry Sunday

An exercise in attracting life:


heal the soft morning
light above with magic
like time has the rid
embrace change

we embrace to heal
with the soft, slow morning light
ocean poetry

celebrate blue sky
healing is at sacred stream
ask universe and fly

born a blind fool
why rob his idle life?
her blaze pierces it open like a child
with secret deep joy
heart haunts the air
a brief reproach
after every glass window becomes
clouded by eternity

bleed red the question
shunned miserable
born as god
blind frame never look
open die we alter


I could listen on day breezes
remember myself
but my heart bleeds
beat by beat
time always kept

concrete prisoner
you bellow and die
words in lies
poison liquid poetry
why listen to dark nights
when the circle is blind

Yesterday, I felt the pull to write some poetry. It feels like it’s been a long while since I’ve felt that pull to write poetry – at least not very strongly. There was a time when I couldnt’ seem to stop. The words flowed like water from my fingers, and then slowed to a trickle while I went to work on other forms and projects. Now, it seems the dam might just be opening up again. These eight short poems were written while playing around on www.twittermagnets.com – just a fun site and exercise in becoming open to whatever arrives. The results, for me, are interesting. Have a go at it – have some fun 🙂


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