{I am} a work in progress

I am
lonely in this aloneness
body tired, longing for sleep
mind tired
empty like chocolate boxes

I am grateful
I am moonlight
reflected in a little window

I am grateful
soft morning holds me
like a lover
waking me gently to see

I am thinking of a kiss,
a touch, a sweet memory

I am feeling alive in the shadow
of his body, his voice, his being
this is new

I am healing the gaping wound
with tiny sutures
one thread pulled slowly

I am alone
in this aloneness I am
meeting myself again

I am waking
I am dreaming
I am waiting

on the banks of a river
staring at my reflection
distorted and moving with the current
light folded in the water
what is the difference between my face and the moon’s?

I am in the space between
believing and dying
turning and sitting still
raging and unfolding

the sky cracks open and the river knows it
everything within
is falling out, in, sideways

my life is a jar of river stones
waiting to be smashed open
waiting to begin to end

I am

©Leigh-Anne Fraser 2011


note: this came through as a result of a new Diving  Deeper assignment… the voice of ‘I am’ is powerful for me… I am enjoying exploring and listening to it… more to come.


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