gabrielle by Darryl Fraser

I found this poem tonight, while going through some files of my mother’s. It is a poem that my brother wrote on the day that my oldest daughter was born. I do not remember ever seeing it before… and I am so grateful to have read it tonight. I read it again and again with tears in my eyes. It was the reminder that I have been looking for…



you are twelve hours old my eyes have witnessed

your miniature perfection the tufts of hair that will

grow be cut and grow again eyes now closed will

open to see to inquire

hands that will grow to shape to write to create

the potential i see years ahead but

no guarantees only one

the love of family

on this day or this whole week

a family came together

to understand the depth

of their love that though

distance does not always allow it

the soul knows the connection

that differences may spark

tempers will flare

but in the end

family is the most

important possession

anyone can own

on this day

the struggle continues

the meaning of life

life itself and all its pain

happiness sorrow passion

to carry one self

with dignity and pride

to believe in your strengths

to dream

the potential lies in

your hands for your life

keep that grip

tears fill my eyes now

i love

i care

thank you.

– Darryl Fraser


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