{imagine.create.become} day 2

I am sitting by the window, watching the late afternoon sun and a beautiful blue sky, and thinking about what inspired me today. My thoughts immediately turn to a group of women who have become my friends at work. I call them my Scottish ladies, though one of them is British and an honorary Scot. They come to the recreation center where I work a few times a week and sit together to have coffee and breakfast in our cafe. Every time I see them, I stop, hug and chat with them. I have known them for many years, but it is only in the last year that we’ve become quite close. They have been a source of strength and support for me after the sudden collapse of my marriage in the spring  and my mother’s death at the end of July last year.

Today, like many many other days, I chatted with them while I waited for my breakfast to be prepared. I usually just take my food up to my desk to eat, but today they insisted that I sit. I didn’t need to be asked twice. While I ate, I listened. Listening to them banter with each other, tease, share some worries and concerns and include me in their camaraderie was what inspired me today. To be cared for and included is inspiring.

Thank you ladies. You are a great gift to my life.

and now, my imagination is stirring itself awake.


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