the unaffected sewer mouth

the unaffected sewer mouth
that falls unbidden
who are you?

stupid lazy and absolute
what are you doing
behind those keys?

wasting time
in the kitchen?
food is never a waste.

ho. you. shut up.
I am not the sleeping multitude.

I am not your cannon
your mistaken use
of English.
Your drawn out

I would like to punch you in the throat
make you forget to breathe

we drove around the abandoned cypress
alone and absolute

I have only that

and you.
in the passing of winter
wind and frozen hellos

I cannot ask for more.

the world is
and I am.
You do not see the passing
the tears and utter despair

I hold what I can
let loose the words
small comfort to the fearful

I hold heads up that are not my own

and you, continue oblvious.
I hate you for that.

coward in your soul
ignore your flesh and their struggles
something I cannot do

and cast to the rotting sand
I stand

now, as ever
looking forward.
all of this your doing
your making

karma has no end date.

leigh-anne fraser


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