a side effect of loving you


a side effect of loving you
is waking to random thoughts
and a strong unrelenting desire
to sit with you on a park bench
while willow branches sway
and the air fills
with possibility
to hold your hand
and listen to you
read to me
from your favorite book

a side effect of loving you
is forgetting to breathe
when you kiss me
holding me close
until my lungs scream for air
oh yes, somewhere my brain says,
breathe in, breathe out
this moment will not end
I want to do nothing but listen
to the sound of your breathing
rest my head
against your shoulder
watch the sky unfold
and the day grow long
until we are held still
by everything around us


leigh-ann fraser

Published by Leigh-Anne Fraser

writer, poet, photographer, artist, illustrator, knitter,friend and fine pancake flipper

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