day 9: expecting miracles

I am grateful for moments that allow me to expect miracles. I have to start off today’s post by offering up love, prayers and healing positive thoughts to my friend Stuart Saunders and his brother Craig David Saunders. Craig was in a terrible accident yesterday afternoon and is currently on life support in London, ON after being hit by a transport truck. His family is with him, including his brother Stu. Today, my gratitude lies in miracles – and that there will be one for the Saunders family. Life can change in an instant, and we can expect miracles.

I am grateful for the lessons and messages  that I have been receiving lately, from people, from dreams and elsewhere. It has been an intense period of learning for me, and more I am sure is to come. Thank you to those who have been my teacher, even if they did not realize that they were at the time.

I am grateful for community – especially the network of friends and family that are able to reach out in rough times and in joyous times. Community, in whatever form it may take – on the street where you live, where you work, the network of friends and loved ones that remain in contact with you using whatever communication tool available (letter, phone, face to face, email, social network site)… all of this is part of the structure of community…. and we live and thrive within it. I am deeply grateful for that.

I am grateful for sleep. I have been doing a lot of it over the past day and a half, trying to get rid of the ick that has invaded my body. Sleep is healing.

Hot water and lemon… so simple and yet so effective. thank you for allowing me to breathe freely and speak without sounding too much like a growly old man.

today I am thankful for
1. lessons and messages
2. community
3. sleep
4. hot water and lemon


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