day 11 – snow, laughter and everything that humbles me

This morning I woke up to two inches of snow with more falling. The snow flakes just seemed to grow bigger and fluffier as the day went on. I love days like this. These days, I have been appreciating the simple things, being with my daughters, going out for breakfast with them, which I rarely have a chance to do, and having some spontaneous fun (like trying on silly hats). Staying present for everything that arrives helps to keep focussed on the simple things… and hug my girls a little tighter because life is too short not to. I am deeply grateful for days like today. I am grateful to be a mother, to be able to spend my days with my daughters, hear their laughter, their wise words, and dreams for the future.

I was also humbled and deeply grateful for the incredibly moving and kind words from friends today and yesterday. I am truly honoured by your kindness and deeply moved. I know that none of you have said what you have to puff me up or said anything lightly – which only moves me more. I don’t know what the future holds for me – I am living each day as it comes, but I do know that I will continue to create, share what I see and hear in whatever way that I feel I can. Thank you for encouraging, supporting and allowing me to be just who I am. I am so grateful for that.


1. big fluffy snowflakes because they’re SO FLUFFY!
2. spontaneous silly/ fabulous hat trying on moments
3. have someone else make breakfast for me on a Saturday morning
4. hearing the incredibly moving and kind words of friends. I am honoured to know you and deeply moved


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