day 12: sunshine, imagination and snow

There are some days when I just need to hug my girls a little tighter and tell them that I love them a few extra times. The past few days have been that way for me. It is hard to not become introspective knowing that a friend’s life has been suddenly shaken and transformed by the death of a loved one. Five months ago mine was as well. Grief comes and goes for me, and it is hard to know that someone I care about is going through something similar. What I try to do each day is stay present, focus on the day, what comes and appreciate as much as I can the beauty that each day brings. It is ok to be sad, and ok to have moments that are completely overwhelming. Today I am grateful for the sunshine that made the fresh snow sparkle. I am also grateful for the blue sky or at least glimpses of it after so many grey days.

I am also very grateful for the imagination of my daughters. My daughter Sammy invented a scheme to contain her commentary (an empty pringles can)… last night she began her running commentary during the movie that we were watching and continued it today (during a viewing of Return of the Mummy). I almost wish that I could have recorded what she was saying, but in a way, it is enough to know that her words are trapped in the pringle’s can, waiting to be released. It will make me chuckle for a while. I so appreciate their sense of humor – Sam’s clever mind, Gabbie’s quirky sensibility (don’t know too many 15 year olds who go tobogganing with their mother and a giant sock monkey). They are one of a kind and I love them for it.

I am grateful for the scent of oranges and lemons, just because.


I am grateful for…
1. brief windows of sunshine on an otherwise snowy day
2. the imagination of my daughters
3. the scent of oranges and lemon
4. toboggans


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