{imagine.create.become} day 28


bad wolf.

Lately, my daughters have become flashed with Dr. Who. I will admit, I am thrilled. You see, I grew up with the Doctor (original Doctor with the beautiful long scarf that I so wanted to have as my own) but for whatever reason – never made the time to watch the new series, at least not often. It wasn’t until I went to see an old friend at the beginning of this year – he and I watched a lot of season five almost that week… and well obviously I was hooked again. I have been talking with my girls since about watching the series… but it is impossible to rent the dvd’s. We tried to no avail.. instead we had to resort to buy them… but just before we did – Space started show them from the beginning of season 1 – which is how my daughters became hooked. Whooo. Tonight we watched the season finale of season 1… the Daleks vs. the Doctor. My youngest declared that the Daleks are a bunch of grade 8 girls (it’s ok – she’s in gr. 8 and knows what she’s talking about)… Rose and the Doctor… the bad wolf. The inspiration today is a speech that Rose gives when the Doctor sends her home and she is sitting in the diner with her mum and Mickey. The Doctor taught her how to live each day – not to sit and do nothing, let life happen – instead he showed her a different way – to do something, fight for what you believe in, stand up and be heard. It’s like a bloody kick to the chest but it’s true. There are moments when you just have to stand up and be heard.

There’s that – and also a quote of Deng Ming Dao that is sticking in my head. He wrote once about how vomiting is an action of the human body that allows you to be completely present, in the moment. When you throw up, you can’t be anywhere else.

Today – both of these concepts inspire me…. thought quite honestly I could do without the vomiting.


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